Jodie Gerson, Service Provider

Jodie E. Gerson, MA, MS, CPM, CETP is from New York, and has lived in Texas, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Las Vegas before moving to Hawaii. Jodie has two Master’s Degrees; one in Community Clinical Psychology, the other in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is currently working towards her doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Jodie is a Certified Expert Trauma Professional and has worked in the field for over 24 years. Her work experience, with adults adolescents and children, includes assistance and intervention with the homeless, individuals with mental illness, minors in foster care, forensics, youth parole, and persons with HIV/AIDS. She specializes in art therapy.

During her spare time she trains for triathlons, has riden her bicycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles raising money and awareness for HIV/AIDS, enjoys scuba diving, and spends time with her rescue dogs.